It’s always a big day at Empire when we test or introduce a new service. Today we are privileged to announce that Empire is now offering 3D Virtual Tours of select vacant homes. 

When the country first shut down, we moved our showing process virtual. Part of that meant video walkthroughs of homes by our property managers. The Property Manager would walk through the home, showing different features and highlights, sometimes giving commentary. The videos averaged anywhere between 2-5 minutes. 

For a while, the videos worked perfectly. But as time went on, it became obvious that while the videos were good, they couldn’t replicate seeing the home for yourself. For one thing, the pace was wrong. Everyone has their own speed at which they want to view the home; the videos couldn’t accommodate that. 

3D Virtual Tours

Your own pace. A better view of the room. The ability to make sure your bed will actually fit. And best of all, something that very few companies provide, making the unit stick in the memory of prospective applicants and stand out from the crowd.

View a Tour

Not every property may need this service. This is advised for homes that are more difficult to rent. Below is a short video by our very own Therese Waggoner discussing some changes made to our showing process as well as the 3D tour. Contact your property manager if you want to utilize this feature for your property!

Price Chart: 
Square feet           Price
1500 or less          $150
1501- 2000           $175
2001- 2500           $200
Happy Landlording!