It almost seems like the legislature is following a handbook: How to Make 2020 Harder for Landlords. Landlords have already suffered through almost a year of being unable to evict non-paying tenants. Many have their own payments to keep up on, their own mortgages. The economic slump has affected everyone, landlords and tenants alike, not merely the tenants alone. This newest bill acknowledges the struggles of landlords in Oregon, but only enough to throw them a bone while simultaneously stripping away even more rights.  

Please welcome, LC-18. It’s an extended eviction moratorium and more. This bill will:

  • Extend the repayment period to June 30th, 2021.
    • During this repayment period, all terminations without cause are prohibited. 
  • Extends 24-HR and 144-HR  notices of non-payment to 15- and 18-day notices until June 30th, 2021.
  • Protection against eviction for non-paying tenants, given they provide the necessary form.
    • Once the form is provided, no late fees or other similar charges may be applied to the lease until the end of the eviction moratorium. 

LC-18 requires that the tenant inform the landlord of financial hardship, but does not require that the tenant provide proof. The landlord is not allowed to challenge their claim. If the landlord does or requires them to fill out any additional paperwork or forms regarding their financial hardship, they can be liable for three months’ rent. 

There is an avenue in the bill for landlord relief. The bill states that The Housing and Community Services Department shall provide grants to residential landlords. However, those grants will only cover eighty percent of the rent, and you will be required to forgive the other twenty.  

Many of the details of the bill are still vague and will need to be ironed out by lawyers if it should pass. 

Our best chance to defeat the bill depends on the votes of a few State Senators. We encourage our owners to contact these senators and let your opinion be known. 


If we don’t demand they stop extending the moratorium, there may not be an end in the near future. Politicians are notorious for being eager to acquire power and reluctant to let it go. 

Merry Christmas, and as always, Happy Landlording!