The 19th of the month is a busy day for us. The last of the Owner Payments are finished today and checks are mailed. It marks the end of the month for Empire. Only now, there is a problem.

The once steady and dependable USPS is failing more and more often. The number of checks disappearing in route is increasing dramatically. As is the amount of time spent attempting to track them down, stopping payment, and issuing new checks. Owners are having to wait even longer to be paid. Luckily, Empire has the answer to the problem.

Direct Deposit

Modern Technology is truly a marvel. Direct Deposit is fast and reliable, normally clearing the system and appearing in your bank account within two business days. 

Advantages of Direct Deposit:

  • Saves you time
  • No unnecessary delay between issuing payment and receiving
  • Saves you a trip to the bank
  • No chance of getting lost in the mail
  • No additional cost

 The setup process is quick and easy. We estimate it takes little over a minute to complete your part, and only slightly over that for us. Contact Empire for more information regarding this and our other services.