Which areas do you manage?

We manage property all over Lane County and even into some parts of Linn and Benton County. If you’re not sure if it’s in our “area” or not, ask us! If it’s outside our management range, the least we can do is direct you to someone who can or advise you on management concerns.

What do you charge? 

This is usually one of the first questions asked. We charge a percentage fee based on the gross rents. The fee can range from 8% for multiple units and high gross rent to 10% for a single unit. Prices and circumstance can vary wildly in this industry, so it’s best to interview us for a free customized estimate. Learn More

When will I receive my rent?

We make owner payments on or about the 19th of the month because we must wait until the tenants’ rent checks have cleared and all of the vendors and subcontractors have been paid.  More Information on Owner Payments

How long had Empire been in business?

Empire Property Management was founded in 2005 by James(Ed) Waggoner and his wife, Diana. For more information on our origins, see About Empire.

Can I do my own repairs?

Of course! The house is yours, and we work for you. There are a few practices we ask you to keep, but this is one of the best ways to reap the years of expertise we have and keep costs down. 

What kind of properties do you manage?

We manage mostly residential properties, including single-family, multi-family, and apartment complexes.

How much security deposit do you charge the tenants?

Empire’s standard deposit is $25-200 above the rent amount. If you allow pets in your rental, there will be an additional three-hundred dollars deposit per pet added onto that.

Are you a licensed property manager?

Yes, we have one licensed property manager on staff – Ed Waggoner. He has taken the necessary courses and went through the training to become so and frequents the Property Management classes in the area to always become more skilled in his profession.

What will you do to rent my house?

Empire will list your property on  Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads and few other internet sites. Furthermore, we schedule regular showings and show the properties personally. We are committed to renting your property in the shortest time possible. 

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