When is the tenant’s rent due? When is it late?

Rent is due on the first of the month, and late on the fifth. 

What’s the process if rent is not received on time? 

Rent is due on the first, late on the fifth, and 72-hour notices are issued on the eighth. If they do not pay or vacate, the Property Manager files at FED Court on the sixteenth. 

How do tenants request maintenance/repairs?

Tenants may enter a maintenance request online through their tenant portal. Tenants can also call the office or Property Manager with the request. 

How long does it normally take to respond to tenants?

It varies. For non-emergency repairs, between 24-48 hours is normal. Emergency repairs are dealt with immediately.

Can tenants pay rent online?

Yes. Online payments are available through our tenant portal. We encourage all our tenants to pay online, as it makes it easier both for us and for them. 

How often does the Property Manager drive by the property?

The Property Manager performs a drive-by of the property once every month. He/She takes a picture of the outside of the home and uploads it to a task that is visible to you, the owner, in the owner portal. If he/she has additional concerns regarding it, he/she will make a note in the task and assign it over to the leasing agent with instructions on how to proceed.   

If the Owner drives by and has a concern, will the Property Manager check it out?

Of course! If you ever have concerns, please call and ask the Property Manager. He/she will be only too happy to look into it for you. 

How are issues generally handled? Calls? Letters? Notices?

Empire has a three-step process for dealing with situations on our properties. First, we contact the tenants with a friendly call or email and request that they remedy the issue. If they do not, we send a warning notice. If they still do not, we then send a 30-day with-cause notice. 

What generally happens if a tenant leaves and the damage exceeds the deposit?

If tenants leave the property owing rent or with damages that exceed the deposit amount, the amount owed after repairs, cleaning, etc. are completed will be stated in their deposit accounting. 30 days from the date of deposit accounting we will send them a 10-day notice stating that they will be turned over to collections in 10 days if they do not pay the amount owed. If they do not pay within those ten days, we turn them into collections. 

The above-stated process is only used on tenants who we have put into the property. We do not turn any tenants into collections that we did not move in. 

Does Empire provide eviction services?

While Eviction Services are not offered as an individual packet, they are part of the management agreement. If you hire us to manage your property, we will perform any needed evictions. 

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