Is the Owner assigned a primary contact within Empire?

During the onboarding process, you will be assigned a property manager and leasing agent. You will be given the Property Manager’s contact information. This will provide you with a direct line of contact with the team managing your property. 

Will the Owner be informed when a tenant is leaving and when a new tenant moves in?

Yes. In the event of us receiving a 30-day notice, your Leasing Agent will consult with the Property Manager. He will evaluate the current Rental Market. Your Leasing Agent will then contact you through email informing you of the tenant’s decision and of when they will be vacating. The Leasing Agent will list the new proposed rent amount for your consideration. You will also be informed when your team signs with a new tenant.

Can the Owner have a copy of the rental agreement?

We do not provide Owners with a physical copy of the rental agreement. They can, however, view them at all times through the online Owner Portal.

Can the Owner meet the tenants?

Yes. If you contact your Property Manager with that request, he will arrange a time for you to meet. 

What level of interaction does or can the Owner have with tenants?

Little to none. The Owner can meet the tenants, but we do not encourage lengthy conversations between the two parties. We also do not encourage the Owner to provide the tenants with their personal contact information. The reason for this is:

  • The Tenants are inclined to call the owner to complain about notices and/or late fees. 
  • Tenant/s may go behind the Property Manager’s back to request permissions already denied.
  • In the event of the tenancy ending on a sour note, the tenant may call to complain and/or threaten. 
Can the Owner inspect the property between tenants?

The Owner is welcomed and encouraged to inspect between tenants. 

The Owner pays the rent, taxes, and insurance on the property. Any concerns with that?

None at all. 

Can the Owner access account information online?

Your account is available at all times online through our Owner Portal. You will be able to view all account information.

Can Empire provide samples of the reports available to the Owner?

All reports issued by Empire for the Owner are available online. If you would like to view, contact Empire for access to a sample owner account. 

What’s the threshold for the owner to be contacted regarding repairs?

When your Property Manager becomes aware of needed repairs, either through a drive-by, inspections, or tenant request, he will contact you by either email or a phone call. 

Does the Owner need to have a “repair fund” for Empire? If so, how much?

Empire does not require our Owners to have a “repair fund” or Property Reserves unless deemed necessary by the Property Manager. It is judged case by case. Contact your Property Manager for more information.

My Property is covered by HOA CC&Rs. Any concerns?

None at all. We would require the owner to alert us as to the nature of the CC&Rs.

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