When will I receive my rent?

We make owner payments on or about the 19th of the month because we must wait until the tenants’ rent checks have cleared and all of the vendor and subcontractors have been paid.

What happens if the tenant is late, or doesn’t pay?

Rent is due on the first, and late on the fifth. In the event of non-payment of rent, a 72-hour notice will be issued on the eighth. If the tenant still does not pay, the Property Manager files for an eviction on the sixteenth. 

Is direct deposit available?

Direct deposit is available and we encourage new clients to set it up during the onboarding process. For help, contact your leasing agent. 

What is the policy on rent increases?

Oregon Landlord Tenant Law forbids rent increases within the first year of tenancy and limits the amount you can raise it after that point. We are required to send a ninety-day notice before the rent increase can go into effect.  Empire reviews the state of the rental market in comparison to the current rental amount of your property annually, sending out notices for the rent increases, if any, mid-March, effective July 1st. The owner will receive an email stating current and proposed rent amounts, if any,  with a request for permission to increase the rent if the increase is necessary. For more information on Rent Raises, please contact your property manager.

How is rent determined for new tenants?

When re-renting the home, the Property Manager will evaluate the current rental market, taking note of the time of year and what similar homes are renting for.  

What say does the Owner have in setting rent?

As the property is yours, Empire will never raise or lower the rent without prior permission. 

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