How often are routine inspections done?

Empire performs property inspections on a six-month cycle. 

Can the Owner accompany the Property Manager on routine and other property inspections?

Of course! The Owner is welcome to. Contact your Property Manager with questions. 

How are repairs/ maintenance handled-
  • Does the Property Manager coordinate repairs and maintenance? 

Yes. The Property Manager is available to coordinate repairs and maintenance and normally does so. However, some Owners prefer to coordinate maintenance themselves. If you wish to handle the coordinating of the maintenance/repairs on your property, contact your Property Manager.

  • Does the Property Manager have a maintenance crew or do they hire out?

Empire Property Management has no in-house maintenance crew. We do, however, have a sister company, Seven Hills Maintenance to which we farm out most of the minor repairs. Our owners are not required to use them. 

  • Does the Owner have any input on repairs/ maintenance,  and/or the contractors used?

The Owner is not always notified when repairs are done as they can vary in size and cost. For large-scale repairs, the Owner is always notified, but it varies by home and owner. For more information, contact your Property Manager. 

The Owner is asked to specify preferred vendors while signing the Owner Contract with the Property Manager. 

  • How is Owner charged for maintenance /repairs?

When Maintenace/ Repairs are needed for your home, the Property Manager will send a work order to the vendor. Once work is done and we have received a bill from the vendor, the amount due will be paid from the owner’s fund (rent income).

  • Is there an upcharge? If so, how much?

There is no upcharge when Empire schedules maintenance/repairs. 

  • Can the owner complete repairs/ maintenance if desired?

Of course! While we do require that the Owner follow a few guidelines while doing so, we have no objections. This is a great way of saving a lot of money as maintenance costs can be far more than management. Here are a few of our guidelines.

  • The owner must respect the tenant’s privacy as any maintenance crew would. This is part of what the tenants are paying rent for.
  • The tenants may ask you a few questions about this or that pertaining to management. Your answer should always be “Not sure. You should ask management.”
  • Workmanship needs to be on par with what a professional contractor would do and must be safe.

The best practice is to let Empire handle giving the tenants notice. This is the trickiest area and the most often abused by the owners. Not giving proper notice is bad form and can be expensive. Additionally, we have a feel for when the owner may be wearing out their welcome and abusing the notice.

Contact your Property Manager if you wish to do your own maintenance. 

Coordinating major upgrades/repairs- 
  • How much latitude does the Owner have to select or purchase appliances, flooring, sub-contractors for major repairs, and etc?

As the home is yours, you have the final say regarding repairs, appliances, sub-contractors, etc.

  • Can Owner oversee upgrades/repairs, if desired?

Of course! 

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