How is the security deposit managed?

The tenant’s security deposit is placed in a separate trust account and remains there until the event of the tenant’s move out. 

Will the Owner need to turn over all held security deposits to Empire?

When a property is turned over to Empire for management with tenants currently residing in the home, the Owner will need to transfer all security deposit funds to Empire.  

Do we need to give you our entire file on the current tenants to date?

Yes. We will need photocopies or scans of any notices, contracts, contact information, inspections, and etc. 

What happens if someone calls for a reference on a property before you took over?

If we are contacted and asked for a reference on a tenancy that occurred before we took over management of the property, we will:

  1. When the prior management was the owner, the name and number of the person requesting the reference will be taken down. Your leasing agent will then send you an email requesting permission to forward your contact information. If you agree, the leasing agent will contact the requesting party and hand over what personal contact information you elected to release.
  2. When the prior management was another property management company, Empire will simply point the inquiry in the correct direction. 

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