What is your pet policy?

There are different policies for pets depending on the rental, but small dogs and cats are permitted in most of Empire’s rentals. If your animal is permitted in the property you wish to apply for, there will be added costs to renting. There’s an additional deposit of three-hundred dollars per pet, with a limit of two animals allowed. Also, there will be twenty dollars of pet rent required per month, per pet. More information here.

What is your policy for companion/assistance animals?

Companion animals, to us, are not to be viewed as a pet or even an animal as different restrictions pertain to them than for pets by the State. If your disability or need for a companion animal is visible to us, then no documentation is required. If we deem it necessary and your reasons not visible to us, then we will require a letter from your doctor stating your animal is for your assistance.

How do you process Applications?

We process them as they come in – the first complete application in line is processed first. A completed application is both the application and the fee attached, as well as all the required documentation:

  • Three months of itemized bank statements
  • Three months of pay-stubs
  • If self-employed, the last two years of tax returns and
  • A picture of each applicants driver’s license or photo ID.

Once all the necessary documentation is submitted, your application is complete. You will receive an email once it reaches first in line for the home. At that point, we do a full background check, check your rental history, etc.

How long will it take to process my Application?

If you’re first in line, we start right away! The maximum time we’ll take is five days, but two or three in a normal situation. In most cases, the time spent depends on your cooperation and that of your current/previous landlords.

If and when accepted, how soon do we sign?

After your applications are accepted, you have twenty-four hours to sign the rental agreement or pay the deposit to hold.

Do you accept Section 8?

We do! Contact Us for more details.

Do you allow OOMP?

We do not. Marijuana smoking and/or possession is expressly forbidden in Empire Property Management rentals. Smoking of Tobacco is permitted outside unless otherwise stated.

More questions? Contact Us!