Winter in Lane County is a dreary few months. The oak and willow trees, lush and vibrant for the rest of the year, are a dull gray mottled over with soggy green moss. Occasionally, we will have snow, but unceasing rain is more common. It’s important to make sure that your house is not a part of that dreary landscape, but rather stands out against it as a spot of cheer and beauty.

There are a few easy ways to give your property a simple face-lift. First, check the landscaping.

Lane County is a wet place to live, but we also enjoy a relatively mild climate. Those two factors add together to equal a fast-growing lawn and large quantities of moss. Your sidewalks are likely a charming dull green. Even with the dream tenants, the landscaping will occasionally need attention beyond a simple mowing of the lawn. The bushes need a trim and the flowerbeds could really use an edging. The simplest way to give your property a face-lift is to call the landscaper.


How long has it been since the exterior of your property was painted? Maybe it hasn’t been that long and you don’t need to repaint quite yet. But is there green and gray grime on the walls? Maybe it could use a pressure wash to remove the dirt and brighten up the exterior.


Renovations are certainly not included in the list of easy face-lifts. But sometimes the easier quick fixes don’t do enough and are simply, to quote one of our property managers, “putting lipstick on a zombie.” If it has been years since any work was done, let’s take a closer look at the property.

Landlords with vacancies coming up should look at their property and evaluate the interior. How long have those cabinets been in that kitchen? When was the last time the interior was painted? Does the flooring look good still, or is it time to do a complete overhaul?

Your property manager would be happy to sit down with you and go over the state of your property, building a plan for the future of your real estate investment.

As always, Happy Landlording!