The Holidays are here! Of course, every year they seem to start a week earlier than the last, but with Thanksgiving not even a week away, they have officially begun. 

There are some parts of the Holiday season this writer is not looking forward to with anticipation. Namely, the emergency calls that will come Thanksgiving afternoon when someone’s oven goes out and Christmas Eve, when a tenant will inevitably report a sewage backup that extends down their hallway or a leak that has flooded the entire home. Those parts of Christmas repeat as regularly as hanging the wreath and decorating the tree.

Of course, even those moments have their reward. The grateful thanks from the tenants when the issue is resolved, the relief when we answer the phone. There is pleasure in helping others.

And speaking of Thanksgiving, it’s time again to think of our blessings and joys.

Here at Empire, we are thankful for our tenants and our owners. We give them our best, striving to live up to our Pledge of Service.

I pledge to make every customber feel like they are the only one by providing my owners, tenants, and applicants with timely communication, respectful attention, and sincere courtesy, while cooperating with and supporting my coworkers.

But we are human, and no matter how high our ideals are, we all fall short on occasion. We are thankful for their understanding when mistakes do occur, and thankful for their appreciation and willingness to work with us at all times.

We have a debt of gratitude to our tenants as well. They have proven helpful and responsible, especially in a time where it is so easy to take advantage of the management. We couldn’t ask for better partners to safeguard our owners’ investments.

In addition, all of us here at Empire are grateful for our families and loved ones. We wish you and your family a happy and blessed Thanksgiving.

Happy Landlording!