Over the many years Empire has been in business, there is one kind of problem tenant we have been lucky enough to mostly avoid. The Noisemaker.

The noisemaker can take many different forms. There are the tenants who love their music and take pride in the quality of their subwoofers. The best friends who decided to become roommates and are consequently no longer friends at all.  The children that are under the impression that screaming is the only effective form of communication. And, of course, the dog that spends the entire day in the backyard yelping.

The list could go on for quite a while. There is no end to the variety. Luckily, even though there are many different types of loud tenants, most of them are not difficult to deal with.

Being troublesome tenant does not mean they are a bad person or even a bad tenant. Tenants are not saints or angels, they are people much like the rest of us. They make mistakes, they do things they later regret, just like everyone. A warning notice in the mail is normally all that is needed.

However, there are those tenants that are plain trouble. Dealing with them can be difficult mainly for one reason. Proof. If a tenant calls you and complains that another tenant is causing excessive noise, but the accused tenant denies doing so, it is a case of taking one person’s word against the other.

In such cases, Empire encourages the tenants to take a video or audio recording of the noise. This provides a safeguard and enables the Property Manager to take further steps to gain control of the situation.

The steps normally taken are as follows:

  • The Property Manager may call them and discuss it.
  • A Warning Notice issued through the mail.
  • If complaints continue after the receipt of the warning notice, Empire issues a 30-day with Cause.

Empire rarely is forced to take action beyond that of the warning notice, and never have the tenants failed to cure the 30-day. But in the event of such an occurrence, Empire is ready.

Happy Landlording!