Do you remember the last time you moved? Packing all your things, changing your utility companies, finding friends who can help you move,unpacking everything, and trying to make your new home feel like home? STRESS!! A nice thought for your new tenants would be a Welcome Basket. It could consist of a gift card to the local pizza parlor, a bag of popcorn, a coupon for a free movie rental, and a bottle of soda. Or maybe they’d like a bag of bath salts, nice body wash, and some gourmet soaps? How about a bottle of champagne and two glasses to celebrate?

After screening your tenants you’ve learned a little about them and can pick the appropriate basket to help them feel welcomed. Another idea to show your tenants you care about them would be to send them a card on their birthday or an anniversary card commemorating when they moved into your rental. You can even include a gift card as a special way of saying thank you. Doing a little something special for your tenants will set you apart from other landlords and help your tenants appreciate you and their home.