We are often asked how often we inspect. Good question as I am sure you want to know how well we are taking care of your property. A lot of property management companies inspect once per year, and if they really want to impress they inspect twice per year. Well this is Ok, but not a very  scientific solution as this is not a one size fits all business. Empire starts out by inspecting usually within a month of move-in, as we want to know what kind of house keepers we are dealing with. If they pass the first inspection -unpacked, floors vacuumed, no piles of rotting garbage or dirty dishes- we set the inspection schedule on an either 4-6 month cycle depending on how the first inspection goes. In reality most our inspections are not formal. Good tenants call for maintenance and we use this to get in an make sure the tenant is taking good care of the property. We support this with our monthly drive-by’s (Once your logged in take a look at tasks). Our idea is that if the front yard looks good and the last inspection went well why invade the tenant’s privacy. If we think that the tenant needs an inspection more often than 4 months we move them out and look for another tenant.

This the basics on  our inspection cycle. There is a Warning and Notice stage in some of this but that is another letter. Let us know if you have questions.