Laurie is joining the team here at Empire as our newest Property Manager. She brings with her an extensive and varied range of experience. In addition, she also brings a cheerful, confident, and intelligent personality to brighten life in our office.

A cosmetologist for thirteen years, Laurie owned her own salon and managed four others for roughly five years. It was an enjoyable and happy time for her.

An out-of-state move threw her carefully maintained life out of balance. At the age of forty, Laurie found herself out of cosmetology and back in college. It was at this time that she was, as she herself described, thrown into property management.

It has been four years since Laurie first entered the field and the experience has been one that she loves. Her detailed and highly motivated mindset is perfect for the task of providing the high level of customer service that is the standard at Empire.

We look forward to working with Laurie in the years to come.