Oregon Landlords, 

This is a call to action to defeat HB 2427. This house bill seeks to mandate a uniform rental application for all rentals in the state of Oregon. This bill has a work session scheduled today at 1 pm. 

This bill will do the following:

  1. Fair Housing – It will create two tiers of applicants. Those that use the uniform rental agreement and those that apply directly under the landlord or management company criteria. This will be a fair housing nightmare.
  2. Take over Private Industry – The state would be taking an extremely invasive step towards controlling the housing industry. It will make housing providers and screening companies passive participants and bystanders.
  3. Doomed to Failure – If it was possible to have a single application across an industry, someone would have already done it. Creating a single application for all types of housing (multi-family, single-family, subletting, student housing) is impossible.
  4. Application Fees – It states that an applicant that applies with the uniform application can only be charged $10. No application can be covered with a fee that ridiculously low. 
  5. Useless – The idea is that a uniform tenant application will lead to uniformity in screening decisions. Will it? Of course not. Landlords and management companies all have different standards for their tenants, and using the same application will not change that. 

Below we list the members of the House Committee on Housing. Flood their inbox, let them know where you stand. HB 2427 must be defeated. 

For those that are interesting in reading the draft bill, here is a copy

Chair Rep. Julie Fahey – Rep.JulieFahey@oregonlegislature.gov

Vice-Chair Rep. Winsvey Campos – Rep.WlnsveyCampos@oregonlegislature.gov

Vice-Chair Rep. Lily Morgan – Rep.LilyMorgan@oregonlegislature.gov

Rep. Pam March – Rep.pammarsh@oregonlegislature.gov

Rep. Mark Meek  – Rep.MarkMeek@oregonlegislature.gov

Rep. Courtney Neron – Rep.CourtneyNeron@oregonlegislature.gov

Rep. Suzanne Weber – Rep.SuzanneWeber@oregonlegislature.gov

Rep. Jack Zika – Rep.JackZika@oregonlegislature.gov 

Thank you for sharing your voice in this fight. The experts at Empire Property Management will continue to monitor this bill.