The heart of our success is customer service, and no management company can effectively oversee their properties without knowing the details.  Even though inspections are a tremendous amount of work, and an occasional inconvenience to our tenants, we cannot effectively serve either our owners or tenants without seeing the property and hearing from each how we can serve them better. At  Empire we drive by every property once per month. This give us a surface idea of what is going on. We notice illegal tenants, pets, vehicles, and if the lawn is not being taken care of. Furthermore, we inspect the entire property 1-2 times per year. This is an in-depth inspection revealing many problems that are otherwise overlooked. Deferring the repairs will only mean disgruntled tenants and more turnover which results in lost revenues for our owners.   Over the next few months Empire will be conducting inspections and the maintenance that follows. If you want to experience just how great our management system is call or email for details.