The rental market is smoking hot right now. Here at Empire we have been watching and managing property for nearly 17 years and have not seen the market more competitive. This has been good for landlords who have been struggling with the low rents and higher vacancy rates that the 2008 depression gave us, but not good for new landlords entering the market and certainly not good for tenants who are struggling to make ends meet.Currently, we seem to be at the top of the boom cycle as the amount tenants can pay has pressured the market down a bit.

A boom bust cycle is dangerous place for investors. If you timing is right investors can do well. However, many are caught at the wrong time with assets that turn toxic. The solution is simple, but it is impossible to buy votes with a simple solution. In the end landlords are left with the passage of laws that complicate business. Do not worry about the management side. Empire has you covered. We are on top of all the latest laws from Salem.