Pet Requirements

We do not allow dogs of any dangerous breed as pets, including: Chows, Pit Bulls, Presa Canarios, Rottweilers, Akitas, Doberman Pinschers, wolf-hybrids, any mix of dangerous breeds, and/or any dog restricted by associated insurance companies. The Manager has sole discretion to determine if a dog appears to be one of the dangerous/restricted breeds and may make the final decision based solely from physical appearance.

Farm Animals are prohibited without special permission from the Owner.

We do not allow any animal as a pet that has previously caused harm or bitten a person or another animal.

Exotic animals are prohibited.

Each property may have additional restrictions concerning animal size, breed, and type.

Cost To Keep and Allowed Pet: 

 - $300 of increased security deposit for each pet;

 - $20 increased monthly rent for each pet; and, 

 - No more than two pets allowed.

Before Taking Possession of A Empire Rental With A Pet, The Tenant Must Provide: 

 - Payment of additional security deposit and monthly rent

 - Photograph(s) of pet(s)

 - Signed Pet Addendum

Before Taking Possession of A Empire Rental with An Assistance Animal, The Tenant Must Provide: 

 - Assistance/Service Animal Documentation;

 - Letter from the Doctor;

 - Completed Reasonable Accommodation/Modification Request form;

 - Photograph of assistance/service animal; and, 

 - Signed Assistance/Service Animal Agreement.

If you're a current tenant looking into getting a furry friend for your home, either come into the Office or Contact Us so we can help you through the Pet/ Assistance Animal Process.
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