You can imagine that in this business we get to deal with a lot of locks and keys. On occasion we get locked out on a tenant move out and get to resort to more interesting methods of entry. Through the years we have had to become amateur locksmiths as real locksmiths are hours away and very expensive. So some of us at Empire (I am one of them) can pick locks fairly well. This saves you money and saves us time. So how secure is your rental and your home? In reality, probably not very secure at all. Most locks are easily defeated in a matter of seconds with just a little practice and until you spend about $150 on a front door lock set your not anymore secure than your neighbor. These locks from Kwikset and Schlage have been the industry standard for many years. We re-key the  locks  between tenants and keep the door and window locks in good working order. The rest is up to the tenants
By Ed Waggoner