Setting rental rates can be a challenge. We know that the best tenants are usually very price conscious, and are looking to get the best mileage for their rental dollar. However, nothing comes without a price in this world and to deliver the service that quality tenants demand, you must charge as much as you can get. This has been the landlord’s dilemma.  If you charge too little, there will not be enough in the budget to maintain the building. Charge too much and the property sits vacant. There are a lot of websites that claim to have your rental rate solution through their secret formula, but anyone who has been in the business knows that there is no substitute for experience. Tenants make decisions based on their personal housing needs, and your needs are not their needs. Rental rates are an important factor in a well run investment. Empire Property Management has been listening to the needs of their tenants and owners for almost 15 years. If you would like to set your rental rates or re-evaluate the rates you have, call James 541-913-8451.