There is winter weather, and then there is whatever catastrophe Lane Country just underwent. Empire has never experienced such a flood of maintenance requests and emergency calls as occurred early this week. And for most of the calls, our immediate response, during the storm, was “We can’t help”. Our Staff and vendors, along with the rest of Eugene, Springfield, and the surrounding areas, were trapped in their homes, the road a solid sheet of ice, vehicles encased in a sheath of freezing rain. 

After the first ice storm, our staff began building a plan to repair the damage and get the most crucial emergencies (downed trees, water leaks, hanging branches) remedied. Aside from those tenants that were out of power, we had several with inoperable heat pumps and many more with water leaks from ice dams and flowing water as it warmed outside. 

The worst-hit property was a home in Springfield. The first ice storm laid enormous branches across all three of their vehicles, blocking access to the road, and knocked down large sections of the fencing, in addition to putting a tree down across the garage. They had no power, like most the area, and later lost water as well. 

When the roads were passable again after the first ice storm, we were able to get a vendor out to the house. The trees were cleared and hauled away or to the side, with full cleanup deferred until the roads permitted for a trailer. And then the second ice storm arrived. Not only it did fill the front of the house again, but it put another tree across the top of the living room. That tree caused a major leak in the living room that lead to the partial collapse of the ceiling. 

Below you can see a collection of some of the damage sustained by our units, although only a fraction of the full amount. 


The Empire staff will continue to organize a full clean up. We thank our owners and tenants for their patience and understanding, and thank our vendors and maintenance techs for their hard work. As always, Happy landlording!