Millennials make up nearly 40% of the renters market. We see them every day at Empire. They are tech-savvy, usually communicative (especially with tech), decerning customers, and usually know the companies online reputation before they seek additional info on a property. With so much of the market made up of a single demographic, how is Empire keeping up with the times?

Well, we are advertised on about twenty-five different real estate sites including Zillow, Trulia,, and Craigslist. We respond quickly to online requests, set up a personal showing usually that day for vacant units. And we are all online with applications, mobile apps, online payments. Millennials want homes that are clean, with new amenities, and rent ready. But we have not forgotten the personal touch. Managing property is not just about property and dollars. It is also giving our customers a good value and great service. We are committed to keeping ahead of the demographic curve at Empire. Contact us to see what we can do for your empire.

Happy Landlording!