Landscaping can be one of the hardest things for a tenant to maintain, although it is easy to do. By spending twenty minutes a week on landscaping, you can dramatically change the look of your home.  Just mowing your grass can freshen up and add some curb appeal; just yank that pull-cord, blow on your hands to keep warm and get started (often the hardest part!).

          Looking at your mowed lawn, you might think that your place looks good. But wait! You’re not finished yet! Your flowerbeds demand attention, too!  What your flowerbeds need the most is ten minutes of weed killing, whether that be by pulling or spraying. Both get the job done, but pulling them sure makes it look nice a lot sooner.

 Another thing that you can do is weed-whacking. It might be a dirty and boring job, but you can chop down a lot of weeds in such a short amount of time.

          Around October the trees on your property start dropping leaves, the same ones you had enjoyed for shade. Picking up leaves isn’t the most gratifying work, but raking them out of the flowerbeds and blowing them off the driveway does sharpen things up quite a bit. The nice thing about leaves is that once the tree is finished dropping them, you’re finished cleaning up after them for the year.

          Following this regimen once a week, or even twice a month, is all your yard needs to look great.      

This has been a guest post from Empire’s Chief Landscaper, Timothy Waggoner