Why Choose Empire?

The Process

Here at Empire, our goal is to share a single vision with the owner of the property. We decided early on to build a management process that has the coordination of a large, well-staffed company while still retaining the attention to detail unique to a family-owned operation. We call it “hybrid portfolio management.”

The common flaw in which most large companies partake is the lack of detailed attention. Everyone may do their job perfectly, but nobody has a complete picture of what is actually going on. With Empire managing your property, you will have one property manager that is responsible for the coordination of the entire project. The manager knows the property, the owner, and the tenants. They are responsible for showing the house to prospective applicants, signing the rental agreements, doing the inspections and monthly drive-bys, and consulting with the owners and tenants.

This is the most efficient way to manage, and the added effort on the front end has saved our owners thousands on the back. Results are lower vacancy rates, and drastically reduced tenant damages and deferred maintenance.

The People

Empire has grown over the years, but none of us have forgotten that our roots are in a little family business. We’ve come a long way since the times when dad would do the showing while the kids mowed the back lawn. While none of them seem to miss it, none of them have forgotten it either. It is a part of our history for which we all feel a sense of pride, remembering where we were, and seeing where we are now.

24/7 Services Calls

Empire is committed to serving our owners and tenants 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - regardless of holidays. Emergencies happen, and our owners and tenants can sleep easy knowing that we are on the job.

Integrated Software

In this, the age of technology, speed and convenience is everything. Owners want their property’s information at their fingertips and Empire has risen to the challenge. Our entire process is designed around our software, enabling us to be efficient and our owners confident that the job will be done right.

Regular Inspections and Drive-bys

Most management companies inspect only once per year. This is not enough. At Empire, we inspect on a 6-month inspection cycle with a monthly drive-by to keep us aware of the condition of your property in-between check-ups. These inspections and drive-bys are all online and available for the owner to view at their convenience.

Near 0% Eviction Rate

One (1) Tenant evicted since 1999.

99% Timely Payments

99% of Tenants Pay on Time

 100% Systemized

Carefully Designed Processes and Systems, Protecting Our Owners

Multi-Family Portfolio

Do You Own Multiple Units?

You need a dedicated team that knows you, your priorities, and your properties. 

Empire Property Management Offers:

Full Management Services
Personalized Service- One Designated Contact
No Hidden Fees - Receive a Customized Estimate 
Stringent Screening Criteria 
Efficient Unit Turnover
Aggressive Unit Marketing Strategies

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Perfect Tenant Screening

What does Empire screen? Everything. Rental History, Employment, Income, Credit, and more. We have never evicted a tenant Empire installed in the property. 

Personalized Service

You will have one Property Manager that is responsible for your rental. They will know  the Rental, and the Tenants, enabling them to provide you, the Owner, with personalized service.

Maintenance Coordination

Our Property Managers coordinate all regular maintenance. With our motto being "it is easier to keep up, than catch up" we take pride in making sure your investment is always in top condition.

Financial Reporting

We provide access to a personalized owner account. You will be able to view income and expense statements, property information, and current tasks directly from your client portal.

Rent Collection

Empire handles all payment of rent. In case of non-payment,  this can include negotiations with the tenant, giving notice for non-payment, and/or evictions proceedings. 

And Much More

The rest of our services include: Monthly Drive-by of Property, Six-Month Inspections, Lease Renewals, Move-in, Move-out and Final Accountings, and more. 

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